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Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello DOLLS!
It's a super busy month! Can you believe 2010 is ending already?!
As of right now, right this very moment, I’m so grateful to have all my fantabulous family and friends in my life, you guys are amazing!!!!!
And the ones that were just passing through, I’m glad you only passed through & not stayed. Enough said ;)

Now, out of subject, I had the chance to work with the young talented; Kimiyah Kim, last month. She's such a sweetheart. BTW, I DID HER MAKEUP!!! lol.






L.M. said...

I absolutely love her makeup!You are so talented!!!
Just found your blog!

Visit my blog when you have some time!!!!

LJ said...

i'm in love with the makeup! you did an awesome job, i love it! i actuall wanna try it lol. great photography skills. i'm following ;)

Macie* said...

awe thank you LJ!
I love ur makeup art! Why are you so far way? :(

Brunette's Heart Makeup said...

Hello! Makeup is amazing! All the fotos are great, you have a real talent:)

Come and visit me on my blog:

i see you love makeup so you may like it:)

kisses from Poland!